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Sound Bath Meditation

Join our sound healers as they play crystal quartz sound bowls, Himalayan bowls, and other instruments to help soothe the nervous system, reset and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. This is the ultimate way to relax and practice nourishing self-care.

Upcoming Classes

At the studio - June 6 from 5:30-6:30p with Anthony

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Anthony Allesmith


Jamie Dubin of
Harmonic Holistics


What to Bring

-Yoga mat

-Eye mask (optional)

-Blankets & pillows (optional)

-Wear comfortable clothing

-Yoga props provided

Anthony first started walking the Path of the Druid nearly 35 years ago amongst the oaks of the Elfin Forest in Los Osos.  Now he brings his craft to you as a Certified Bard and Ovate with the Order of Bard, Ovates and Druids.  Utilizing resonance and vibration his Natural Sound Balancing classes are targeted experiences that focus on relaxing visualizations, natural energy balancing, with an emphasis on letting go of the weight we carry.  Skilled in the Bardic ways he uses many tools from Harmonized Crystal Bowls, Body Aligned Chimes, Shamanic Crystal Rattles, Crystalline Harps and Handcrafted Gongs.  Each tool artfully played to evoke a space of welcoming, shining a light on each individuals validity, and promoting presence in the here and now.  Intuitive and empathetic, Anthony is the teacher that will welcome you with open arms if this is your first Sound experience, or welcome you back with joy if you’ve had previous Sound experiences.  

Jamie grew up in southern California and was always seeking creative ways to help others. She used her education in psychology and interest in holistic wellness modalities to hold space for others on their healing journey.

She has done a wide range of training including sound healing, breathwork, mindfulness, and reiki. She believes she is a student of life and always plans to continue learning about self-empowerment and consciousness-expansion. Her knowledge in unique modalities mixed with her attentiveness and nurturing nature create experiences of transformation, clarity, and inner-peace. With a passion for everything meditation-related, she believes everyone can meditate in their own unique way if given the guidance, patience, and reassurance.

Currently residing in San Luis Obispo, she travels up and down the California coast to share her offerings. She offers private group or one-on-one sessions, studio events, wellness retreats, mental health facilities, corporations, and festivals.

When Jamie isn’t sharing sound vibrations and mediative modalities, she is at the beach, cuddling up with her dog, exploring nature, listening to new audiobooks, and practicing acro yoga.

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