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Saunter Yoga

“I don't like either the word [hike] or the thing. People ought to saunter in the mountains - not 'hike!' Do you know the origin of that word saunter? It's a beautiful word. Away back in the middle ages people used to go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and when people in the villages through which they passed asked where they were going they would reply, 'A la sainte terre', 'To the Holy Land.' And so they became known as sainte-terre-ers or saunterers. Now these mountains are our Holy Land, and we ought to saunter through them reverently, not 'hike' through them.” ― John Muir

Sauntering Sunflowers, let’s take yoga outdoors! Join your instructor for a meditative saunter through Stadium Park with a thirty minute standing yoga session. Leave your mats at home! No yoga mats are needed for this standing yoga class. The yoga class will include Warrior poses, balancing, gentle stretching and Qigong.


*Stadium Park: Meet at the Stadium Park trailhead, Capistrano Avenue and Hospital Drive. If coming from Lewis Avenue make a left at the stop sign onto Capistrano then a right onto Hospital, parking lot on the right. If coming from Morro Road make a left at the stop light onto Capistrano then a right at the stop sign (staying on Capistrano), then a right on Hospital, parking lot on the right. You will see blue apartments on your left.

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