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30 & 60 Minute Membership

All of our goals start different for yoga. Some start with a 30 minute practice, others a 60 minute practice, and maybe just one to three times a week. As we continue to show up on our mats our goals change. Perhaps increasing the number of days we practice in a week, possibly to daily. With the Unlimited 30 and 60 Minute Classes Auto Pay Membership it will allow you to increase the number of times you show up on your mat plus it can work for your busy schedule.

Unlimited 30 and 60 Minute Auto Pay Membership

$175 a month

*6 month commitment

-30 & 60 Minute Classes

-Beer & Wine Classes

-Free Sound Baths

-Discounts on Workshops

-Two Free Guest Per Month

-$30 off your first massage with Ashly

Reach out to Ashly to set up a membership contract.

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