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30 Minute Classes

Here at Saunter Yoga and Wellness we encourage our students to move their bodies at least thirty minutes a day everyday. Whether it's walking in nature, swimming, cycling or yoga, any physical activity will help heal the body, mind and soul. With our busy on the go lifestyles it is sometimes hard to make time for ourselves and an hour long yoga practice. Our thirty minute classes help you squeeze that thirty minutes of physical activity into your schedule.

A lot of us have let our yoga practice become last on our self care list in the past couple of years. Has this happened to you? 30 Minutes Classes help you ease back into your yoga practice so you don't overwhelm yourself or burnout.

All Levels | Detox & Reset | Hamstrings | Hips | Shoulders

Unlimited Annual 30 Minute Membership

$888 *One time payment

-30 Minute Classes Only

-One Free Guest Per Month

-$10 off your first massage with Ashly

Pre Registration

We ask students to please pre register 45 minutes before all classes. Classes can be booked on Mindbody and to see the current schedule for 30 minute classes. All sales final.

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